Samantha Taylor 

I need prayer

I am going through this thing and deeply would appreciate your prayers if possible. I have had heat going through my body. I am hoping for your prayers to keep me going through the situation. whatever is happening I hope that I am going to live, I asked my father this afternoon. Am I going to die before I ge t out of this house, let alone a following....plz help just pray.

Busted Mirror

You know what's so funny? For months now, I have a torture chamber, my father finally takes the innitive to get a second vechile after my mom totally tears up her vehcle given to her, Now, my cousin was just practically giving away her olds and I have been promised a car for years, I've just so help me God. My mother proclams it her car. I had planned to get in , I have feeled outan application to work at movie gallery. Yesterday I notice a photo in the back where a cracked mirror was in it. and we found the rearview mirror busted out. I don't know why on God's earth something like that was done, but it's sick, very sick. Thank you.


I feel so discusting. I guess I ate the wrong thing or something, but it's ridiculous for a person, very pathetic. purely pathetic that you are sick, other's collaboration is awful. Someone that's sick, feeling. Why does someone want to hurt someone that worshipped the ground that she walked on.
Why would anyone put someone on display like this. Protect those you love, and don't brag about showing an attitude unless it's really called for, and commended in some pretenses. Don't ever make fun and be dirty with situations when you know it would do the second one.
There are people all over this country that's been verbally abused, physically abused for no use whatsoever, don't murder a person's demeanor because your demeanor might get hurt in the process. There are some that are more equipped for something. I have done all I can do. I am tired every morning I wake up, and I am tired of every wink whatsoever. What hurts most in the situation is the one you thought would take care of something, but they don't. They let so many from other sides of the court to come in terrorize and scare someone to death. I pray same situation won't be done on another person. Too much and you have kin that wanted a taste of blood within the situation. I have this stupid intuition thing, i hate it, because it shows me on the other side. I hear through attitude, the way a person speaks, what they have underneath. and I know I am not like my mother and sister that cares only from theirselves, then other people.
God bless America, thank you Lord for a beautiful country and beautiful people who are in power of the situation, and thank Gucci for the message that was to come across. Thank you hollywood, washington dc and the small things that people have said and showing you care, I hope that I won't have to do this much longer. I hope God will do a double whamy miracle for the situation. Don't ever quit praying and staying in Jesus. My sister is profiting from the situation, I love her very much and kids, a saving account has been giving to them w/o my approval, but if they should get one this way I want my brother's children to get one in their names. Thank you


Should we? or shouldn't we.

Keep going regardless

I hope to God

I hope to God for more tolerance
I hope to God for more peace
I hope to God for a new beginning
I hope to God to live to see the day, my nieces, nephews graduate from college
I hope to God for people to be honest
I hope to God for peace in Iraq
I hope to God for a good relationship.
I hope to God that my neighbor raises the flag back up.
I hope to God for no more tears to be shed
I hope to God for honesty with money
I hope to God for grace, peace, understanding and love
I hope to God people will put away heartache
I hope to God for serenity globally
I hope to God for equal liberties whether we are king or pauper
I hope to God that if someone loves you they won't go through a long worn out approach.
I hope to God people will help their neighbors.
I hope to God for the state to have more morals.
I hope to God, to keep going until judgement day, I know how I will enter, do you?
through extra amounts of mass hopes.
I hope that God will bring new presences and quickly.
Don't let me go Lord. Don't let me go too quickly.
I hope to God no one can ever hate me but they will.
I hope to God for the piece of American Pie.

We all sit in our social quotas. I hope to honestly approach one with blended intentionss whether interwined with kindness love and understanding.

Absolutely Amazing

I am so overwhelmed within the local news and worldwide, even celebrities getting in on the fun, now I find it fun....I am a freakin lunatic for staying hidden. If I could do anything for my state, I would want something for my localatity. The places around me that need new revenue coming in. I would love to have several stores and a shopping center full of stores like a publix for eclectic, a starbucks, a bookstore, and a target or big lots and etc. I want to supply jobs and create revenue for my little town. I would also like a movie theatre in Tallassee so everyone can see a little bit of these things.
A montastory acadamy for my brother's kids and more kids in the area to excel at academics. I would like more for eclectic kids. Better schools, better places for kids to enjoy. I want better schools in tallassee, and I want parents to get envolved with their children's lives and more tolerance for pdd and other mental disorders. It's time for a change in this country and the world and lets all give to those places where we can all have a good time and praise God for the small things in life..Family, friendships, social tolerance of all types. I hope people will start giving instead of just living. You give everyday. Praise God to the highest degree of life. Thank you people for making me feel at home and you have given me so much Koreans. I hope that you continue bringing your business to Alabama and Please lets help Mobile with katrina damage and I hope local trailer manufactorers will donate to these places, it's good for your business to give because you give back more. Thank you.


God is greater than problems, he can heal anything, broken relationships, marriages and of course alot more than you can imagine. Please prayer for one another and pray for me as I go through this big boulder in my path. Thank you very much....I love you all...

Honesty going ca-ching to the bank hopefully

About a year ago, all of these things started happening to me. Now I find out that they are all jokes. Today, Today, I woke up about 8:00pm...I got up turned on the today's show and waited to get into tohe kitchen to get something to eat. I realized, it was like a dream to a person who rarely ever gets out, exremely angry about the way I had began this project with a friend who came over here. My sister had ties with him and I didn't really want nothing to do with him because of the envolved in it.
Several things took alot of damage to the heart. I am not thick skinned, and when I seen family guy and that other show, I was ripped into pieces. Anyway, the situation follows this, I don't want to ruin anyone's life, but the curses before were plum awful, and some of the retard things were funny I have to admit, but this disquisting stuff, I became angry. My fahter was talking about some plans at that time for me. I was angry and I said "liar" He makes promises that he can't keep, that's the only thing I meant by it, but an insult is an insult and everytime I feel I am wrong about something, I make amends. When I found out I had a short form of autism, sensativity is one key factor in it. A few minutes ago, never mind that you see it. I just want to feel a little peace in the situation, but my scared attitude is something I can't too much help, and my fears were caused by series of things over the past five years. Remember I told you about panic attacks, periods of crying, virtually shaking all over from and irrational fear. When I was blamed for someone else's problems, and now I don't know whether i have a brain tumor or whatever else it is. I have no reason to believe as people are still good to me. Thanks for your headlights and thank you for all your support. Thank you....but I feel like some people need to tend to their own problems and not blame their problems on me., and I really feel blessed with this advertisings and my own company, and it's just going to be even better when I get to go and see for myself. Right now, in my prayers and in my mind I really want to be in and accept these things, and I hope you don't hate me. That's what I am most scared about. I think this technology is wonderful and I want to keep going, never stop and want to see faces behind this, I mean him. My thoughts get muddied through the daily process, and sometimes it's unacceptable to me. Those irrational thoughts were from the beginning to the end. It's wrong to blame someone for your problems. My problems were from years of reclusiveness, being my own psychologist and finding out that my mother is mr. The fact at the begining was very frightening. I am just hoping to get better at it. I have always wanted to be social. I hope to God that I am not dying of a brain tumor, and I hope to God that I am not alot of things. So many celebrities to shake hands with, and so many people to say I LOVE YOU TOO. I am extremely angry at the notion that my problems caused someone else's problems. It would be pretty sorry of someone to do this to another just as she's getting well. Well! I hope also that my head has helped someone else. Going into the mind and I hope I get out of it and see haiti happy, see those in Iraq happy with their own homes, as well as Katrina victims who lost their homes, and I hope I can think about something else to do... and Kick I am a very rich woman....Thank you .....I still think the ports isn't a good idea although the UAE people are very good people. We are fighting a war in Iraq and in pakistan/afghanistan, and etc. I think we need to come to a peaceful understanding before we can tend to businesses in our land. God bless my family because we have all been in this together, and some have been more understanding and mindful. Thank you Oh, but stay clear of those who are horrible, you see me here on a day to day basis. I am unfortunately a cluster of all things imaginable, Thank you for my advertising company, and I hope that i can run it and hire some good people to help me. Perhaps developmental delayed people. The only way I see people on the local news, I think those ewho represented Aum party. I thought they were absolutely wonderful people, just as wonderful as those I wake up with every morning. I really want to work hard at this, I am so tired of depression, it's the worst feeling a person can have, and why can't you come to a conclusion with it? God. plain and simple, I want my brother and sister in law can be a part of this and it's like pushing a donkey out the door to do things, make it takes the stinger of a yellow jacket to relieve the sturdiness of it's ass. My father said something about a family member, don't blame anyone for this, except an underlying factor. It could be that irritation...mmmmmmmmmmmm? It's getting better

I hate knowing, I guess being clueless is okay

My title hits the force of gravity, sorry the spark plug just won't run. Anyway, I am in bed and I am thinking, I am not going to let this thing over throw me. Right now, my eyesight is so much better. I can't wait until my problems are over and me you and the world can just sit back and sigh. I have been closed in the dark too long. It's so depressing, when we get down, we need to all stick together and keep each other up, maybe those things that worry all of us can be defused and decenerate one another. I feel rundown, I gained some weight. I haven't had that burning feeling since I saw the doctor. I hope to continue to work through this, please, please pray for me regardless of what type of prayers. We all live on earth and we pray regardless of religion, thank you so much.
I was feeling there today, I didn't get to see much of torento. The other day I saw those speed skaters and individual, and I just find it amazing how far they can fly on their skies down the mountain, it's absolutely beautiful. The jumps from the skiers, the ice skating. I have enjoyed it, but I just think all of this is awesome. I hope in the future can see those who past a glance, turned their headlights own and all possibilites will finally come and make everything all right. Oprah did something so beautiful today on her show, she gave the katrina victims brand new houses, I wish i could have done that for them. Also, the lottery ticket went to coworkers who went together to buy tickets. Hopefully they can live the "Good Life". Can I ask you something though? What is actually a good life? What could be better than someone giving homeless people from Katrina, Free homes? I call that something that I could and would want to do. Sharing a lotto ticket with your friends/coworkers.
Can I ask you too? we live in the best of our shape and we do it together, regardless if we are stuck without, knowingly there is something wrong you can't put a finger on, and I realize that the commercials are based on support from me, I just sit there dreaming, wishing, hoping and continue to have faith. Did I tell you about that mustard seed I had from my sunday school teacher's class. She gave us all mustard seeds and If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you have enough power to accomplish great things. I want pope benidict, llama, and other religious leaders throughout the world to pray for me. Then after this huge, huge thing is overwith, I want to have a house on this beautiful lake and write to my hearts content, and have a few peaceful 40 years more to enjoy until I have to start using depends. I am counting on depends in another sense. I am depending on you to please pray. Thank you all and I do love you everyone. I still don't like critical points of view. I want a lawsuit for somethings that have went on, but I am hoping to get alot out of these months and years.


Hello tired yet? I am...and I fight my seepy

I wish I could fight so many people right now. Words can't find the humiliation that I have been feeling. Feelings? Let's just say, I fought this morning. I fought what was terribly getting on my nerves. Sometimes, if you live in the house with others who aren't pdd, it's rough. I say something what's on my mind, boda bing long sigh...They hear you and refresh your mentionables, Between my loving family, it's a circus some days. hmmm....Morning and talking....She thinks that the world is against her. I try to tell otherwise, but she still thinks, good time to leave the house, and head out to the adjacent house. Sometimes I had forgotten how it feels to be able to talk to people, and I remember there's this gosh darned thing stuck in her head, not knowing if it's slight chemical imbalance or actually a brain tumor. Something else also, hey, father's lecture makes better sense than mine. I probably could pick up cans outside. It would solve so much sense. He went tonight to opelika to get his credit cards, and right now I seem like a God forsaken Winchnot for the money, for being polite and trying to talk.
Enough of bing bang theory I don't want to have it in my scull. Between the science of cats in love this season, and the fact that im some sort of celebrity in the spotlight. And can't account for herself. I read this wonderful book that you all need to read. It absolutely has a beautiful imagery to it. If you want to read a beautiful book like this, I will tell you the name of it. Secrets of the Vine, by Bruce Wilkingson. I love the way the imagery of the vinedresser, so much to go into details about. I had to get out of my noisy house, sitdown in a coldone and just read away. I want to go back and take notes from it. There is alot of scripture in the book where you can pick up your verses and get more from it.
I know that you have to disearn some things, and I know money doesn't change the world only to bring forth more things to get greedy over. I am not greedy, I live in a place that's has a shelter standing over it. Sometimes it's nice to get away. But when you start getting a coldness to you, it seems like it's all worth it to excape to that cold house for peacefullness.
Has anyone felt peace, that ultimate peace where you can't hear nothing else in your hosue but perhaps the ticking of the clock, you get in bed and go to sleep without any interactions. That's how I want to feel, that ultimate inner peace. I find that prayer is a great thing for that, but not for yourself, it's the substance that creates such a beautifulless. For all of you out there I recommend it. If I could meditate on solid ground and spill all my gut has to feel with no regrets, eat like you want to eat as long as you are totally conforting pleasing healing experiences. I call that totally beautiful and golden. It's when I get out of the house when i want the noise. Here i am talking to the internet like there's someone there reading my column. Pray for peace and embrase Jesus

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