Hello tired yet? I am...and I fight my seepy 

Hello tired yet? I am...and I fight my seepy

I wish I could fight so many people right now. Words can't find the humiliation that I have been feeling. Feelings? Let's just say, I fought this morning. I fought what was terribly getting on my nerves. Sometimes, if you live in the house with others who aren't pdd, it's rough. I say something what's on my mind, boda bing long sigh...They hear you and refresh your mentionables, Between my loving family, it's a circus some days. hmmm....Morning and talking....She thinks that the world is against her. I try to tell otherwise, but she still thinks, good time to leave the house, and head out to the adjacent house. Sometimes I had forgotten how it feels to be able to talk to people, and I remember there's this gosh darned thing stuck in her head, not knowing if it's slight chemical imbalance or actually a brain tumor. Something else also, hey, father's lecture makes better sense than mine. I probably could pick up cans outside. It would solve so much sense. He went tonight to opelika to get his credit cards, and right now I seem like a God forsaken Winchnot for the money, for being polite and trying to talk.
Enough of bing bang theory I don't want to have it in my scull. Between the science of cats in love this season, and the fact that im some sort of celebrity in the spotlight. And can't account for herself. I read this wonderful book that you all need to read. It absolutely has a beautiful imagery to it. If you want to read a beautiful book like this, I will tell you the name of it. Secrets of the Vine, by Bruce Wilkingson. I love the way the imagery of the vinedresser, so much to go into details about. I had to get out of my noisy house, sitdown in a coldone and just read away. I want to go back and take notes from it. There is alot of scripture in the book where you can pick up your verses and get more from it.
I know that you have to disearn some things, and I know money doesn't change the world only to bring forth more things to get greedy over. I am not greedy, I live in a place that's home...it has a shelter standing over it. Sometimes it's nice to get away. But when you start getting a coldness to you, it seems like it's all worth it to excape to that cold house for peacefullness.
Has anyone felt peace, that ultimate peace where you can't hear nothing else in your hosue but perhaps the ticking of the clock, you get in bed and go to sleep without any interactions. That's how I want to feel, that ultimate inner peace. I find that prayer is a great thing for that, but not for yourself, it's the substance that creates such a beautifulless. For all of you out there I recommend it. If I could meditate on solid ground and spill all my gut has to feel with no regrets, eat like you want to eat as long as you are totally conforting pleasing healing experiences. I call that totally beautiful and golden. It's when I get out of the house when i want the noise. Here i am talking to the internet like there's someone there reading my column. Pray for peace and embrase Jesus

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Comment Hi Samantha, Thanks for your kind response... I have written down the address you gave and will get on the site soon. Just wanted to pop in here to let you know I haven't disappeared.... Just get busy and can't spend a lot of time online lately. BE ENCOURAGED EACH AND EVERY DAY..... You have many talents, which is very obvious to any who get on and read... Your writing talent, and also your expressions of art.... There is a lot that the Lord has placed in your heart, MAY you always be able to express such treasures...For it is such a BLESSING to US.... Thank you, and thank God--FOR you.... Be blessed today with peace, joy and love in the simple things... God be with you..... Peace. Karen

Fri Mar 3, 2006 6:21 am MST by karen

Comment I still have vintage bottles, :) It's one that I done in college. It's on news print with pastels. The painting has a little fringe on the bottom, but it's done really well. I donated the others you were talking about to the local thrift store for charity. If you want it, You can have it, just name a price :) It's pastel on news print. Thank you so much for all your postings of encouragement. Samantha

Thu Mar 2, 2006 7:28 pm MST by Samantha Taylor

Comment Hi Samantha, thought I would give you my email address so that you could send me the info on your paintings.... it is krngoldenk2000@yahoo.com Thanks so much... God Bless You.... Karen

Thu Feb 23, 2006 7:23 am MST by karen

Comment Thank you so very much for writing and I am overwhelmed that you like my writing. Tried freelance, but no luck. :) but I think that it's awesome that you want to purchase some of my artwork. You know what? That means the world to me. Thank you for posting. I kind of missed yours and the other fellows. I will try to get in touch with you to tell you more about them. Thank you...:) Samantha

Wed Feb 22, 2006 9:01 pm MST by Samantha Taylor

Comment HI Samantha, I am glad to see you are continuing your writings. I pray that this finds you well, and that you are continuing your quest for a 'simple life'.... AAHHH, that it could ALL be simple for each of us... I want to encourage you, in your writings, and in your faith. You have much talent that shows in your writings, and in your sensitivity to the things of this life. I visited your artwork on line again today, and am wondering about the prices of some.... If you would reply with the prices on these specific pieces, I will see if I am able to buy one of them.... The ones I am interested in are: VINTAGE BOTTLES.... IVY CAFE...CAT PARTY ON THE DECK....and LONE ROSE... I HOPE TO PICK ONE OF THESE AND PROUDLY DISPLAY IT IN MY HOME....also, I could not access the BLACK AND WHITE TREES, or a few others on that page. The spots have a box with a red x up in the left corner... Each time I have come across this on other sites, I am never able to access it... Maybe you could help me to know what I need to do... As for me, I am busy, and have not been checking in very regularly, but I will try very hard to get online within the next week to see your response....I am a grandma now, since Oct 13... A beautiful baby girl named Elizabeth Grace. She is 4 months old now and I have been very priviledged to be able to watch her 3 or 4 times a week.... She is so full of sunshine in her face when she smiles... WOW...also, I have been looking for a part time job lately, so my time is limited..... Thank you for your honesty and sincerity in your postings. OH, that we all could have that depth of expression, and the courage that God has so liberally given you. YOU continue to be in my prayers... Know this: that your life TRULY DOES HAVE GREAT VALUE AND MEANING... You DO touch the lives of others, tho you may not realize it, or consider the depth of it all right now. May our Lord Jesus give you the peace of mind and heart that you desire. Be Blessed in HIM, Karen

Wed Feb 22, 2006 8:05 am MST by karen

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