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Btw sorry

Here is another apology...if there is anything on this blog that offends, please forgive me. I

I am so sorry.

If anyone read this blog and it hurt their feelings I am sorry. I don't want to ever offend anyone and I think that it is wise to apologize. I think of this blog sometimes as getting out all my feelings, but feelings hurt others, I am sorry to all of you. If I could delete this blog I would graciously do it. It hurts me that everyone else hurts, and that's just not what I want to do. Please forgive, and thank you for reading

long winded sunday

This morning, I woke up, I watched "Meet the Press" bit and Hanz Blitz was talking about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq so many years ago, and I thought to seller maybe to the democrat at heart. Anyway Condaleeza Rice was on Face The Nation, and I like Fox Sunday because I like Juan and Bill Krystal's ideas, Campaign advertisements are bombarded on people's yards. You get him in the mail, these things don't tell us much about the canadates one bit. It's just a dung throwing party.
Don Seigalman is running for Governor again, he is standing on a banana peel, wonder if he is going to slide in the right direction or out of the ball park. Anyway, to make a long story short? Straight republican ticket, you can't go wrong with that.
Another thing, throughout today, I felt a little awkward in my friend's prayer meeting, He spoke about a good subject and with the book of Urantia papers. Simillar to the bible slightly different, but it was Good. Have you ever heard of the "Sonship" ? Father,son holy spirit. Sounds nice don't it? I tghink we also can call it the trinity, no difference.
I am thinking more now to go after that job one more time. I just really want what has been lain at my feet, I am doing this government thingy, braille chip which studies autism. Keep in mind there are people out here in the world that doesn't know what the difference is of autism and retardation. Retardation is something else, Autism can be cured, and hopefully Autism through this study can both kill cancer and help with milestones in younger years so that kids can grow up successfully and have a normal adult life. PLEASE keep praying. Thank you!


a little story

Okay you know me, you see me bathing on time square and worldwide. Life's hard a little bit because I still am in a sad mode because of the brain tumor. I still try to do the best I can no matter if anyone takes me seriously or whether I just stare into the pictures on my shelf or whether I take my prayers down on paper. I have had things said to me that are unreasonable. When I don't feel especially good, I know who I am and I try terribly hard to be a righteous person regardless of who puts me down.
It was yesterday when my mom and aunt were after groceries, my head was so messed up. I was having the burning sensations down my throught and the head bobbling. My parents tell me to stop it, but sometimes I can't control it. I felt terrible, I didn't want to leave the house, even if I laid down, the phone would ring, if I were to go to my aunts it would mean that important calls would be mixed. Anyway, my shirt was nasty, I go to my aunts house to clean it. Anyway I get the vacuum out and clean my aunts floor, and you as well as I do what happens and goes on. Anyway, I got started in the bathroom with my aunt's bathroom, and I wont mention what was said because it was too awful.
Now I remember something ella said, she told an anecdote about blessing others when they totally wrong you, anyway God bless you little butthole. now that made me feel better, anyway, I am going through cancer with fighting it somewhat alone. Anyway it's hard. I live with people that have horrible attitudes, I am trying to think positive, go through this, I try very hard to do things right, but I am so darned scared and I feel lightheaded all the time.
As long as this has been going on, I have been called every name in the book, and I know that no one should be talked to the way I have been talked to, I know that in my problems no one should
be alone when they are sick. It's horrble how people leave you to die when they are around the other world. I hope to God to reclaim health without this horrible get up continues. Please pray, I have a wonderful support system, but some can be cruel. Life shouldn't be lived this way, thank you.


fatten head

Im eating too much
I have a very bad french vocabulary
I wear handmedowns
I am a rich woman because
I am going to be the first woman in the world
To overcome the possible
I have three families now.
A korean family, Immediate family, and The world public
Backed as an investment by hyundai and the american public.
I am extremely weak, but I am pulling the old mule around
I need to find job beyond nielson and nielson.
Yes, I have cancer, but I know I am going to win because I have a large family cheering me on.
Keep me positive with your wonderful encouragement.

Can it happen? Let's see

My father is spending the night at orange beach where he has been working lately, I checked out his cell phone, he has two numbers from other women. I am wondering why? None of my business but curiousity is really, hey, why is this going on.
Something else ponders my mind. Years ago before wham bam ding dong you are developmentally delayed with a brain tumor and someone put a braille chip in z head to rid the cancer. I had a gut feeling something was wrong with me for awhile, I am developmentally delayed which is a tad tard and autism. I had wanted my father to get insurance for me, then wang bang, he gets talked out of it. I am thinking what if? you know, why couldn't someone believe me enough to help me.
Now I have everyone's support. I signed up for ssi, maybe I can get medicaid that would pay for some of it. I am being offered lots of money if I could only get a job. I am looking for voluntary work like the American Red Cross or something in Tallasee, since prices are so high, I wonder if I can get paid volunteer, I don't mind the work, I could work the phones, do something within the organization...Hey if there is anyone out there to do their book keeping, I will be glad to be your virtual assistant. I am very articulate with words, very good grammar skills, I am an artist, I know how to run dos to xp. I can send and recieve emails. Just let me know any of you that needs assistance. I would be glad to help you with anything.
BTW, I could really use your prayers, I want terribly to overcome this brain tumor. It's right by the eye and I just want to live out the rest of my life when I get to be a great granny. Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day...Btw, Samantha has integrity, a pull, and strength.

Nah I changed my mind :)

Since I found out I was PDD, I have tried all sorts of ways to figure out what I was. Sometimes it was overtly funny to others, at the time, it wasn't so funny to me. Finding out what I was was the worst. I found out along in my little journey that has bunted me so many ways. The media has given me a mixed feelings. Companies put positive messages on the TV set. I still felt inadequete. On top of the pdd I find out that my braille device they stuck in my head was also a new device to go inside the autistic mind as well as kill cancer. I have a brain tumor around my right eye, and I have felt the the effects of it. I feel that burning sensation down into my throught. So far, I think it's been successful I hope. While I am going through it. I want to work, last friday I volunteered for Red Cross, they were wonderful. It was the City Chamber of Commerce expo. I had my picture taken there, but I am not sure whether I will be in the paper though. I spent one day there, then I got off about two o' clock. I had to get ready for my 17 niece's graduation. On the way there, Red Hill, Alabama to Opelika AL is a long stretch, My head started twisting and If anything makes me feel awkward it's the head bobbling, when the winter olympics was going on, Katie's made a bobble head, so I know that the bobble head is a part of the cancer treatments. I thought of how embarrassed it was to bobble all the way through the car ride, to the seats. It made me very irritable to be put in that situation. Robin was okay, but bobbling there whi le listening to her being pollyesterland. I just wanted to erase her away with a special type of pencil, remember bugs bunny? Anyway, It's life. My bones was cracking in my neck and I forgot to mention that hello Randy the Dog Jackson was at the front gate. I also thought that I saw m. night shamalon, but it turned out to be a pimped out taxi cab driver. Anyway those of you who like m night, he's awesome.
Can I write a wish list....okay the steakguy from outback is he available? Is my oh really available?I hope so anyway, If I can get that outback steak man then I think I would be okay. I am really in secure, I have issues still. My mom called the ssi office, we are going in thursday to get those things that I need at this time. I know I am worth alot of money, my oh did this for me. Anyway, treatment hasn't been so great. I want to work, but certain things make me not able to work at the moment. Like this, I have a brain tumor and no income. It might take a few months to get it, but maybe I can be indepentant for awhile. I want so much happiness, It's not selfish to want to be happy. It's not selfish to want things, and I praise God out there who have looked out for me, did charities for me. I just want to look good and feel good. It's hard to look at the present when you see nothing. Anything to fly my way will be greatly appreciated.

New website for a new person

I decided to create a new blog in order to use only positive references. I just want to stay positive in order to go through what I am doing now. Thank you for reading and I'll post my new blog here so that you can read there. Take care and have a nice day.

Do you know what I want now?

If you thought something for myself, that's what I should think about. I really want a job, I am frightened beyond my territories. I got into a paranoid comfort zone for along time. I want go back into my details, but I think I am going to be fine. justs fine. I am trying to stay positive and I want my oh who i think i am engaged to, I want a home of my own, I want a long happy life and share ideas with the right people, I want to help others, be a better sister, daughter, friend, and more. I want to outlive my older sister, I want to visit Ireland, I want to meet president Bush and I want everyone to pray for me, this country, president bush and our country and Iraq...I want a house on the lake. I want to strengthen ties within this country and those places that need to get rid of their undesirables. I know i am a smart lady, I am just in need of a little love...take care. Amen

Positive Grape Nuts


Would you rather eat something soggy and boggy that weighs you down like an anvil from looney tunes or would you like some nice crunchy yet flakey cornflakes. My suggestion is grape-nuts. Grape nuts has been on the market on quite awhile, but while some are breaking their new dentures into grape nuts, they are not quite getting the point of eating these fabulous crunchy nut clusters. Lemons for example. If you have that great lemony taste that brings sunshine to your thoughts. You can't eat a lemon whole, or even anything etc. You have to squeeze it in your tea or lemonade before you get the water retention power of lemon. Lemon works like a dieretic. Cleans out toxic veins. So actually with a lemon you are getting a beauty treatment without guilt of spending 1000's of dollars on plastic surgery.
I know there is something special in grape nuts, they are crunchy rather tasty nuts which sticks you in that beautiful comfort zone. It feels good to have grapenuts to stick to your gums, even when there is the diet thingy that you have done for the past 30 years of life. Grape nuts can go two ways. You can eat it cold with milk and break your teeth off with nerve endings stick out or you can eat it like oatmeal. Eating it warm is delicious just put some butter on it and there you go.
I used to eat cream of wheat when I was in college, last year of high school. I also made cookies out of cream of wheat. I rather have those round crisp brown grape nuts. Whatever you need in your body, whatever you want to put in your body it's your personal right, and sometimes we need to keep things close to plz bald is beautiful. Grapenuts for comb overs. I love those guys on American Idol. Love Chris, Bucky, Eliot, and Ace......Whatever it has to do with grapenuts, I don't know.
Btw I love you oh..........keep me positive. :)


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