Absolutely Amazing 

Absolutely Amazing

I am so overwhelmed within the local news and worldwide, even celebrities getting in on the fun, now I find it fun....I am a freakin lunatic for staying hidden. If I could do anything for my state, I would want something for my localatity. The places around me that need new revenue coming in. I would love to have several stores and a shopping center full of stores like a publix for eclectic, a starbucks, a bookstore, and a target or big lots and etc. I want to supply jobs and create revenue for my little town. I would also like a movie theatre in Tallassee so everyone can see a little bit of these things.
A montastory acadamy for my brother's kids and more kids in the area to excel at academics. I would like more for eclectic kids. Better schools, better places for kids to enjoy. I want better schools in tallassee, and I want parents to get envolved with their children's lives and more tolerance for pdd and other mental disorders. It's time for a change in this country and the world and lets all give to those places where we can all have a good time and praise God for the small things in life..Family, friendships, social tolerance of all types. I hope people will start giving instead of just living. You give everyday. Praise God to the highest degree of life. Thank you people for making me feel at home and you have given me so much Koreans. I hope that you continue bringing your business to Alabama and Please lets help Mobile with katrina damage and I hope local trailer manufactorers will donate to these places, it's good for your business to give because you give back more. Thank you.

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