I hate knowing, I guess being clueless is okay 

I hate knowing, I guess being clueless is okay

My title hits the force of gravity, sorry the spark plug just won't run. Anyway, I am in bed and I am thinking, I am not going to let this thing over throw me. Right now, my eyesight is so much better. I can't wait until my problems are over and me you and the world can just sit back and sigh. I have been closed in the dark too long. It's so depressing, when we get down, we need to all stick together and keep each other up, maybe those things that worry all of us can be defused and decenerate one another. I feel rundown, I gained some weight. I haven't had that burning feeling since I saw the doctor. I hope to continue to work through this, please, please pray for me regardless of what type of prayers. We all live on earth and we pray regardless of religion, thank you so much.
I was feeling there today, I didn't get to see much of torento. The other day I saw those speed skaters and individual, and I just find it amazing how far they can fly on their skies down the mountain, it's absolutely beautiful. The jumps from the skiers, the ice skating. I have enjoyed it, but I just think all of this is awesome. I hope in the future can see those who past a glance, turned their headlights own and all possibilites will finally come and make everything all right. Oprah did something so beautiful today on her show, she gave the katrina victims brand new houses, I wish i could have done that for them. Also, the lottery ticket went to coworkers who went together to buy tickets. Hopefully they can live the "Good Life". Can I ask you something though? What is actually a good life? What could be better than someone giving homeless people from Katrina, Free homes? I call that something that I could and would want to do. Sharing a lotto ticket with your friends/coworkers.
Can I ask you too? we live in the best of our shape and we do it together, regardless if we are stuck without, knowingly there is something wrong you can't put a finger on, and I realize that the commercials are based on support from me, I just sit there dreaming, wishing, hoping and continue to have faith. Did I tell you about that mustard seed I had from my sunday school teacher's class. She gave us all mustard seeds and If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you have enough power to accomplish great things. I want pope benidict, llama, and other religious leaders throughout the world to pray for me. Then after this huge, huge thing is overwith, I want to have a house on this beautiful lake and write to my hearts content, and have a few peaceful 40 years more to enjoy until I have to start using depends. I am counting on depends in another sense. I am depending on you to please pray. Thank you all and I do love you everyone. I still don't like critical points of view. I want a lawsuit for somethings that have went on, but I am hoping to get alot out of these months and years.


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