a little story 

a little story

Okay you know me, you see me bathing on time square and worldwide. Life's hard a little bit because I still am in a sad mode because of the brain tumor. I still try to do the best I can no matter if anyone takes me seriously or whether I just stare into the pictures on my shelf or whether I take my prayers down on paper. I have had things said to me that are unreasonable. When I don't feel especially good, I know who I am and I try terribly hard to be a righteous person regardless of who puts me down.
It was yesterday when my mom and aunt were after groceries, my head was so messed up. I was having the burning sensations down my throught and the head bobbling. My parents tell me to stop it, but sometimes I can't control it. I felt terrible, I didn't want to leave the house, even if I laid down, the phone would ring, if I were to go to my aunts it would mean that important calls would be mixed. Anyway, my shirt was nasty, I go to my aunts house to clean it. Anyway I get the vacuum out and clean my aunts floor, and you as well as I do what happens and goes on. Anyway, I got started in the bathroom with my aunt's bathroom, and I wont mention what was said because it was too awful.
Now I remember something ella said, she told an anecdote about blessing others when they totally wrong you, anyway God bless you little butthole. now that made me feel better, anyway, I am going through cancer with fighting it somewhat alone. Anyway it's hard. I live with people that have horrible attitudes, I am trying to think positive, go through this, I try very hard to do things right, but I am so darned scared and I feel lightheaded all the time.
As long as this has been going on, I have been called every name in the book, and I know that no one should be talked to the way I have been talked to, I know that in my problems no one should
be alone when they are sick. It's horrble how people leave you to die when they are around the other world. I hope to God to reclaim health without this horrible get up continues. Please pray, I have a wonderful support system, but some can be cruel. Life shouldn't be lived this way, thank you.


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