Nah I changed my mind :) 

Nah I changed my mind :)

Since I found out I was PDD, I have tried all sorts of ways to figure out what I was. Sometimes it was overtly funny to others, at the time, it wasn't so funny to me. Finding out what I was was the worst. I found out along in my little journey that has bunted me so many ways. The media has given me a mixed feelings. Companies put positive messages on the TV set. I still felt inadequete. On top of the pdd I find out that my braille device they stuck in my head was also a new device to go inside the autistic mind as well as kill cancer. I have a brain tumor around my right eye, and I have felt the the effects of it. I feel that burning sensation down into my throught. So far, I think it's been successful I hope. While I am going through it. I want to work, last friday I volunteered for Red Cross, they were wonderful. It was the City Chamber of Commerce expo. I had my picture taken there, but I am not sure whether I will be in the paper though. I spent one day there, then I got off about two o' clock. I had to get ready for my 17 niece's graduation. On the way there, Red Hill, Alabama to Opelika AL is a long stretch, My head started twisting and If anything makes me feel awkward it's the head bobbling, when the winter olympics was going on, Katie's made a bobble head, so I know that the bobble head is a part of the cancer treatments. I thought of how embarrassed it was to bobble all the way through the car ride, to the seats. It made me very irritable to be put in that situation. Robin was okay, but bobbling there whi le listening to her being pollyesterland. I just wanted to erase her away with a special type of pencil, remember bugs bunny? Anyway, It's life. My bones was cracking in my neck and I forgot to mention that hello Randy the Dog Jackson was at the front gate. I also thought that I saw m. night shamalon, but it turned out to be a pimped out taxi cab driver. Anyway those of you who like m night, he's awesome.
Can I write a wish list....okay the steakguy from outback is he available? Is my oh really available?I hope so anyway, If I can get that outback steak man then I think I would be okay. I am really in secure, I have issues still. My mom called the ssi office, we are going in thursday to get those things that I need at this time. I know I am worth alot of money, my oh did this for me. Anyway, treatment hasn't been so great. I want to work, but certain things make me not able to work at the moment. Like this, I have a brain tumor and no income. It might take a few months to get it, but maybe I can be indepentant for awhile. I want so much happiness, It's not selfish to want to be happy. It's not selfish to want things, and I praise God out there who have looked out for me, did charities for me. I just want to look good and feel good. It's hard to look at the present when you see nothing. Anything to fly my way will be greatly appreciated.

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Comment I am not going to change it. I changed my mind, I have a lot of words on this blog and it would be wrong to make another on. I feel that we are constant changers whether we realize it or not. We are always blooming and we become a new person each day. There for if I have several hundred entries, there is enough room for several hundred more. Thank you for reading, all your great advice and God bless. Samantha

Thu May 25, 2006 9:08 pm MST by Samantha Taylor

Comment HI Samantha, GLAD YOU ARE BACK... what is the name of your new blog?? Missed reading your blogs... I check in about every two weeks to see if you have come back... I FINALLY started a job on Tuesday..... It has been a LONG search...... i will be busy now, but will try try try to remember to get on your blog on my days off... I am continuing to keep you in my prayers... God bless you dear one... ..Karen

Thu May 25, 2006 1:03 pm MST by karen

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