The Ugly Duckling 

The Ugly Duckling

Virtues...:) I was taught, if it wasn't something by my parents, it was something i read growing up, I remember a book and record that my sister bought me when i was little called the ugly duckling. The sweet little duck was born into a litter of ducks that constantly gawked at it because it was ugly and didn't know what to do. The duck felt so out of place everywhere and noticed that it didn't belong, until finally come spring, it had evolved into something different and more beautiful than the other ducks. When he looked at the reflection in the pond, he realized he wasn't a duck but a swan and the swan found his own elsewhere. At the end of the record there was a song which sang "If you can't say something nice" "say nothing" Take a bit of good advice shhhhhh.... say nothing. "Think of friendly things to say that's the way to follow"
As an adult one still feels that they are an ugly duckling until they look at the world around them and sees the ugliness others have done by polluting and causing war. Disputing, hurting people's feelings, and creating havoc which is plumb ugliness. People are stupid and say stupid things. It's not because that person wants to hurt the other one, it's because they are insignificant about themselves. Once they see how really insignificant they really are they can realize what their problem is and correct it. Don't play scapegoat or the blame game. Go to the source which is deep within yourself and find the root to your problem.
I have never seen a truly secure person, people claim that linux is secure but obviously with a strong and stable system. One little bug can corrupt the whole operating system. :) If you want to feel good about yourself, be nice to yourself and others. Also, It's harder to love someone than it is to create problems for the other person.

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