Grandma in a bottle? Or Genie, you be the judge 

Grandma in a bottle? Or Genie, you be the judge

Of all the weird titles one can find on the internet, this one has to be the weirdest am I right. Right now, I feel like granny and genie, I am in a fat shell that I need to get out of. I don't feel attractive even though I know that I can be, I don't feel young eventhough I am still thirty for the time being, I dont feel good and I need to, and I thought Antidepressants would do the right job, but they won't unless I do something currently. My pops isn't feeling well so I am doing a silent scream, my emotional age is 18, it's about the time I had a nervous breakdown and I take too much of dear old fathers advice that's why I am stuck at home with dad. I am a psycho path. :D but I am a super nice but grungy psycho. I love alot of things that one young at heart with polident would like. :D ding! Anyway goodnight, just took a happy little capsule so maybe I can unwind luv yas. :)

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