I remember back in my highschool days that I dieted on the 1000 calorie diet and lost all of my weight. Anyway, yesterday I decided to get that diet again to lose some pounds. I am not proud to say that I had gotten up to 250. I battle 220 to 250 all the time and I go up and down like a yo-you. When I was younger, I walked at least a mile a day with my father and mother. We all lost weight on that diet. Anyway, I was looking to start again at lunch time. I had two hotdogs with nothing but ketchup and mustard mind you and 1 cookie. My mom looked funny at me and then gave me a honey bun, then I went and got my uncle some chocolate chip cookies with m and m's in them and I got alot of them. That's no way to diet. I really bad want to lose weight. I cant lose weight that way. I am almost out of my medicine. I hope that I can lose weight on these anti depressants that I am taking. I am not happy at my current moment, but I know that I will be happy soon, because of all that's going on, there are so many things that's going to change the world. Praise God for changing.

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