Alot of things have have changed 

Alot of things have have changed

It's been so long since I have written on this blog, it's just amazing how much has changed and how much I have changed internally and externally. I have gained so much weight that it's ridiculous. It's amazing how some people who have known one all their lives. Then turn around when they hear internal mess and then hello you are a pathetic freak. That's not everyone, through my experience, things are going to change in the face of cancer, autism, slight retardation and so many things. I have the respect of the president of the united states who is a man of honor and mrs. Laura bush. I am so proud of myself in that respect that things are going to be different with lupus, autism and other things. This is going to revolutionize life as we know it. I am not pathetic, I am very proud to be an american and to have this technology withing me.
I wish I could personally meet all those who have raised money for me. I wish that I could meet stars. While I am tucked away in my little trailer home, I get out and I realize what an amazing support network I have. I want to go out and get a job but I am so weak physically I don't think I could possibly pull it off. I am also so overweight, so naturally big busted that my lower back feels like it's going to break into. This may sound funny but it's not believe me.
I am going to definitely try to stay positive. Wait a minute I am going to stay positive.There is alot of good in the world and we need to accentuate that, not with pearls, but through peace. I love you all keep rooting for me and keep praying!


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