Three Days Three headaches 

Three Days Three headaches

It was friday when I had a headache. Tried to clean ye old aunt's house, couldn't do it, so I tried to clean house before we get cable. My mom's a really sweet lady, she's hilarious at times, but I think it's sweet that she wanted something for my uncle considering he drives her insane. Both of them together are harendous. You want to put into words how it makes one feel.
I have been liking taking a shower lately, gee I don't know why, it's not like the whole world isn't watching me take a bath. Samantha takes a shower while William shatner writes poetry about her experience. BTW that's premium stuff. I love william shatner. Anyway I had a terrible headache again Saturday. I took in an asprin sunday as well. two 325mg apiece. Im not ready for another since today I had a slight one compared to yesterdays. I realize that I need to take a multi-vitamin seeing that my nails, hair and etc. Im taking chromium picolinate, I drink green tea for breakfast, and I take omega3 fish tablets along with twenty mil of lexapro and 120 geadone during the day. Hey the anti-depressants are helping. I have seen life more lighter, but I have my pet peeves still...hmm.....we will adjourn now. I am ready for those tarzan congeniality classes Oh! please......

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