Loving siblings and more. 

Loving siblings and more.

Just wanted to say I love my siblings very much and I appreciate everything they have done for me and this family. It's time I should grow up just as my korean friend Oh says years ago when I wasn't very sure of myself. I have to say, I hope that I can meet the president and more when this is over and this thing is over.
I have been good for several days now. I have a positive outlook on all things being possible. I want to take some courses at the community college, start a job, and so many things. Every since this thing started, I kind of had a hint that I didn't have that long to live, 6 months to live? It's a year now.
I would like to thank the koreans for the efforts they have put into this surgery and the love that I have for every single person who have cheered me on. I am hoping for all different kinds of things.I just want to say all things are possible if you look on the bright side and continue to have a positive outlook. I am fortunate to have Al, Matt, Lester, Natlalie and more.
Developmentally Delayed I want to say isn't retarded. It's a whole other thing, and there's something special in that egg that gets cracked.
I just want to tell Oh, my siblings, and friends worldwide, that I love you and keep up the praying, it's helpful. Keep up the lights, it keeps me to have a positive outlook. God bless you, thank you for all yourlights, smiles, and comments. Thank you again, and the korean doctors behind the technology and so much.

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