Staring at walls isn't it 

Staring at walls isn't it

Here is that famous, grief ridding, getting initally better, need applause and hoping some sweet prince will come save her through this situation. There are some places that I don't feel comfortable with. Eyeballs on me :) No one in paticular, we can joke can't we. As long as some can be a little less, adequite. It's wrong right off the bat to put someone's signiture on a item without the person's permission. It's also pretty rotten for the situation. Why all the attention? I love that people recognize the situation, and yes somebody saying certain things for a bounce of a wave of laughter.I have to b e the referee, while the other party is so wrong. I am trying to push the envelope as well as I can. I feel so limited.
How are you going to do that? often needs to be ignored. I never had any belief in myself for along time. Now I actually see a way out. I need to visit my local ssa office so I can work and get supplimental. She's got to have the ssi or something like pass, I need the medicaid, I need to have a vehicle. Anyway. Please pray for everyone throughout the world, and the enemies we have to contend with these haters and our troops. God bless everyone this afternoon.
I saw my father with such a sad look on his face this afternoon. I know what he goes through, and
the situation is so disquisting, dishardening, and just my God. It's about money of course. Pray this lady gets her own assets that she has been so tortured from. So many people are into this thing. We all watch and etc. If your face is on film...hello. I deserve so many things...One is, if my face is taking a shower, while others stand back and watch me, hello!
Peace to you all and have a nice day God bless

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