Free donations 

Free donations

Everyone sees this desperate nutcase trying to stay in hiding, but this dern little sweet psycho trying her donations at Anyway, this website is amazing. It brings people together and helps the many charities and etc. You can get a 100mb email account, join weight loss groups, connect with people, who knows and might find the love of your life, if you are broadcasted throughout the world on xm, television. Anyway it's all good. :) Please click to donate, you are giving away free advertising money which gives to these charities, and there are some great products selling through care2's site. So click on a few, with billions of people watching me here on the internet, they should give. If you do it, thank you very much, if you can't do should and I know your every move, I am watching you with my extra feminity. Please click to donate and it goes directly into the hands of funding....Click to donate

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