Conflicting Behavior 

Conflicting Behavior

I was watching thie today's show this morning and saw the Muslims fighting blindly mad about the
political cartoon of Allah. I wondered to myself, no one in my Comunity would ever do anything like that. It's ludacris that someone would make fun of their believes or etc. Just imagine if the roll were to be reversed and Jesus was demoralized. Wouldn't you be astounded to see something in a local paper, magazines, and etc. We all believe in God... We all should respect the sancity of religon. People are both shaped by our choice in religion. I have started with daytime talk shows. I find that ellen is one of the cleanest comics I've seen in awhile, I sometimes switch between Danza and Degeneres. What does this have to do with terrible political cartoons? We have two talk show hosts, both respectable, and sometimes our media needs to take a look at what we are showing people on here and how passionate
we are about our religions. It's wrong to make fun of what we are trying to do in this situation, we are trying so hard to fight the war on terrorism. Making the writer, columnist in a generalized article, I think we should put something positive about one's religon and use a little bit of that rule to protect common interests. What do we have in common, people? It's over zealots who broadband our airways on television with their hate messages. Meaning, we need to show the positive side of everyone's vertue rather than trick and consume so much garbage through out the world.
Those of us who try throughout every day of our lives, living breathing and going through the motions everyday, we all have our faults, and come short to our religions. Religions teach tolerances and love to the common denominator. We need to smile and thank God for differences.

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