Help this one 

Help this one

This one needs room to breathe
This one needs somone to laugh with
This one thought that ted and ed kennedy was twins
This one needs a makeover and a few thousand for a car and etc
This one needs to find forgiveness in her heart
This one needs an old car and a place to live while losing her mind
This one needs supreme kindness and tlc to keep going...
This one needs most than that above, she needs Gods love asap
THis one is tired of fighting with herself, knowingly money all over the us and worldabroad to help her
This one needs friends not enemies, most of the time, she gets so pissed off with how people are like
This one needs to know that tommorrow will be different
This one whole heartedly needs to know that allies and the american troops are well loved by Samantha Taylor
This one needs to know, we are very proud of regardless agape unconditional love.
This one needs to know by the bill writer in this country how much I thank him for what he has done.
This one needs to know that americans will stand up for thier rights no matter who tries to shu them away.
This one needs to know that you are not ted and ed, you are a Ted, if you weren't so stiff. Liberals love you regardless of this thing you have about you it's almost omnious.
This one needs to know that howard dean will come back full force as kerry's running mate. John is married with kids
This one needs to know that all of her prayers need to be answered.
This one needs to make up for lost time, but unfortunately , she somehow got into cotton candy fog and it was clogged with mui stink longs
This one needs to know that never in a million years would I be able to come out of a whole bunch of mess and thank God I have aid,
This one needs to know that Ted, Ed, and Hillary are good stress busters.
This one needs to know that she loves ohio more than she thought.
This one needs to know that life isn't crappy, it's just constant tiredness that is brought on by waking up in a new home, no matter what the shelter looks like,
This one needs to know that my differences are more than meets the eye.
This one needs to know from al, jackson, dr. Kennedy, and all the other preachers around the globe that this woman needs your prayers. BTW also ed young... What I meant about love is love that person inside no matter how you protray them. A person is a person, unless you act inhumane and disregard someone else's property,
This one needs to know want you at least be human about it. There is so much disregard in this life, the way people try to bring one to their needs. sometimes we think we have so much influence in this lifetime, anyway. God loves all and will see to it that justice is gratified by the freckled samantha.
This one needs to know that people love her and they are tired of seeing her in tears. H
This one needs to quit being ripped of by situations, Someone tells you that you are pdd, and then
uses these charity money's out of the situation.
This one needs to get royalties off of her commercials and her insinuations of the parodies.
This one needs to sign off and get rested. Never go to bed angry read your bible good, and hold on to your stature no matter how high it is.

Samantha Taylor
3708 REd Hill Road
Tallassee, Alabama 36078

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