And They Sing For Me 

And They Sing For Me

The grammies from what I have seen, hello! Jupitor where have I been all my life. Anyway, I really appreciate this life, but I still wanted to do something about this darn dark house and I don't want to give up on life, hello because I am too excited by it, anyway, just please don't let anyone into the cracked pocket too soon. Can I ask mr. Bush if I could at least have 8000 dollars for my very own? I want my independance as a human shelf statueette please? I can buy an old trailer and a depreciated video.. then I can do telework with this little dinky computer, plz. I didn't deserve the public spot light. I never really complained about much of anything. It's wonderful that I got my eyesight back after cutting down on anti-depressants. When I went to the doctor this week for a second hearing, I was fulliy relieved of my hearing nature. I like the doctor very much, she has a strong accent but I still got the information out rightfully, anyway, I hope that I won't be doubted anymore.
Hello, I can't wait to get out of this dark and dreary home, stuck with my mother and uncle who has anxiety problems I think I took a decent shower loverboy, I washed the creases of my nose, inside of my ears and my medical terms for duft several times until the hotwater heater went cold then I have to get to my legs and my feet. So how do you feel about that dear?
I had the funniest political cartoon in the Tallassee Tribune, I wonder who drew it, I mean it was so brilliant. Anyway Ted was wearing that black pinstriped suit I wanted with breast lifting bra combined, anyway, He had stole that suit from me, I have taken a liking to his new style, that huge head full of libertarian rights, and what John Edwards and Carrie, He only found Howard Dean in his pickup. So I guess, he was drinking his high toleration of whiskey. I think he somewhat got the ass out of a pasture and sat on it. Looked like his second ass was getting crushed. Anyway, His second ass couldn't move so he is just sitting there smiling with his buck teeth aglowing a renewal. There's still a chance you can go to the quiznos down the road to eat you a baked sub, but your second ass might not be too happy, so I say go get you a very good made hyundai since I proved a point, your breaks and fuelines are your only faults. Just get you a bottle of beano and you will be just right. Since I couldn't send the orginal, I will just send this one to you... seems cuter. I have a subsitute for him and you. So hear you go? I love you bush and kennedy btw.... No court rooms, plz. Thanks

teds he hallways bothering me.

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