Justification of love 

Justification of love

When you give, it gets something in your heart, whether it is a tear.or anything of the nature, Over the course of several months I see people everywhere, they show their lights on in their car, they pass by in the stations, they smile and underneath the tone of their lips, they say thank you. The commercials these days seem to be incorporating their concern in so many different waves, if iit were up to me, I would give every single passerby a dollar so that they will have a momentium of a thank you. I can simply say, Hyundai helped her with this one, in the crossfire, I am a pushover for everyone, Sometimes I seem to get that I am not as smart as anyone else, that's okay. All I have wanted to do was help others and myself, this opportunity has given me a all new toll on life, hopefully for a girl that seemed to lose her heart years ago. My father brought up something last night. He said i was a crack up as a child meaning some days I am good, while others those tricks were run of the mill. I don't know whether I told you this one or not, :) Robert Leonard was really good friends with my dad, he was extremely superstitious, and he had a fear of black cats, and of course you know I had to make him less fearful, as we do now, we have plenty of cats, I had a black one I brought up to the shop one time. I can still feel it. :) Anyway, I chased him a 1/5 of a mile. He could run very fast. I didn't quite get to him, but he was good as Gold.
I have been told that I was going to be a good will ambassator. I will gladly take that position. I have been so much of a sleepy depressed person lately and funding for this is been frivolously adorned. Money is an object, but that money in this time and reason of the situation leaves me a little bittersweet.I realize that I won't get a piece of my sums. I have wanted to move a piece of our property and redo and old trailer, Perhaps one which doesn't check out of the good ones to fix, buy furniture and have a cheap depreciated vehcle that could run. I can handle the situation now. It's others that can't handle me because of those small things, and maybe those small things will build the woman back up.
I was blogging last night, my father got on the phone with my niece praise God she's been excepted into Samford University. I am very proud of her, Thank God for her. Anyway, my father was looking over my shoulders and asked me what I was doing. I said blogging. He finds these small things to get out of me or get me off the internet, he's right during the daytime, that's when we get our phone calls from satillite network marketers, Anyway, he said, keep in mind I am thirty years old out of the blue this long strands of commands this father does. I am stuck at the minute oh okay weeks, I defended myself, I spend my day refereeing my mother and uncle. I also have my small things that I just don't like to do because of this depression that makes me feel like I am talking to a brick wall , and anyway. I put my foot down and said. I am thirty years old...it's the only type of intertainment That I have. He came up with this story about my eratic behavior. My mother goes around making threats against herself, and I finally realize those things is what bended up all this negative attitude that I have in mind. Anyway, I am dizzy through this ordeal and I told him I had burning going down my throught and the other wind pipe, IMy mom took me to the doctor yesterday, my blood pressure was 170 which it is moderately high, They doubted me with my symptoms on the blood pressure medications, I told them exactly what Mrs. Seema told me. he had to waste 20$ dolars on a wasted appointments. So anyway, now somethings cooking and I am clueless.
Mrs. King was a great inspiration, over the years I have watched her and smile because she was so wonderful and so amazing. She stood by Martin Luther and fought along side and created great moments in history. Everytime I seen her she was so beautiful and so full of life. She will be greatly missed but not forgotten she had several children who could honestly fall in her footsteps just like
Ms. Parks. I just have to say will all due graditude that they are and will remain in our hearts.
There are something's that cannot go no where behind bars, 8-9 churches throughout the state of alabama was burnt down, I just hope these pieces of garbage will surrender, come out and show yourselves. Why in the hell would anyone want to burn down someones church. T hese people I thin need to come clean and these two will be done away with. Though thechurch servuces won't be taken away, We can start churches up outside or at someone's houses, churches can unite and worship together.
Please keep me in your prayers, :) I have tried so hard to get away from the limelight so long, especially in the state I am in, I do well to slightly and close blindly write these blogs. I want to thank those who have touched their eyes and their nose for the purpose of my afflictions. Pray that my afflictions will be taken away. I need help physically and mentally. I never had been completely jealous of any in my family, I can rest assured knowing that I have tried to live a life in christ and I never asked for the media, just want life that's simplistic, This sis writes a letter to my church in red hill. I haven't been there in a few weeks. I am not worried about it. My mail is swaying away from me.
My father's in charge of the bank roll, unfortunately, I cant have no simple thing from it, It is overdrawn now. Let the waterfalls fall, and that one is now free from the things that have bothered me before. I know that this is a litttle selfish of me, I always have waited patiently for things, One day when I was a child, I wanted my father to fix my bike's chain to be put back on. I sat there patiently waiting, although it was long, he compliementally praised me for being a patient child. I have done so many things becaused I wanted his approval and listening to my mother always disheartened my idea.
So please, pray that I can get over these small boulders that is in my walkway, God bless those eyes of yours to look into the situation. I hope that I can be an independant woman that's ashamed of 1 way she looks, 2. became a psychologist for myself. 3. Feel precochious and wondering. Thank you for your understandings

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