It's cold 

It's cold

I am hoping to be happy, and I feel and see things that make me tend to wonder hmmm...or is it like meridith baxter and questions answered in an old dindgy mediteranian nasty chair. What is that guy going to do with me next, dove has picked up some BEAUTIFUL IDEA to promote self esteem. I am so proud to be a part of it, but I constantly consistingly getting that bittersweet negative attitude come in. BTW I am wondering how did the modem come out of this computer, hello i just don't know and I hope that the life that I want will come to me. I am still full of anxiety, concentration since my nearsidedness of my hearing has gone a little bit. I am sitting here talking to you, and looking over my glasses. I am going to try to go to the eye doctor some times. I am just happy that my medicine will be weaned off awhile. Don't like antidepressants, specially those that leave the roof of your mouth and teeth filmed over in the doc's office. I am very thankful for you who are helping me. I just want to live a simple life. I have been totemed so far that I hope that will be greased for the sake of pdd. Make that a special E for reasons unknown.
That's life I suppose. No offense to Totems for native amercians, they will keep away evil spirits because I will bless them. I bless you totem poles. Now we are even. You know what's frustrating? Hunh? ehhh! I will have to tell you that bad eyesight, burning throught. will someone bring me some tums smoothies. I don't like to impose on people, I don't like to ask for things, I don't want to ruin anyone's demenor, all I want is a respective small life, now I am bigger than maci's floating banana tree. I am in time square I get to say hello to these newscasters every morning. Love it when someone else interacts, and no I am not psycho, you are about tired of killing me? My people are good outgoing loving people and their lights are really showing it now. I was petting my cat (spooky) earlier, he was going to grab my hand, when he usually does that he sticks his paws into me and then starts agressively biting my hands. He will pop that head back hold on the arms and continously biting at me and kicking the feet scratching me. I think that was a bonus prise. Don't play with your cat, it might get vicious. Perhaps a bit of pinesol under his @$$ and he can move to cuba and take over castor oil's place. Then we can have all the cuban cigarettes and stoggies as long as we live.
Speaking of that, now's the right season to start a healthy lifestyle more like care2, aha, and many more state/governmental campaigns. These benefit those who are in need. We need to talk about life.
The devil gets you when you don't think positive. Have it but don't exuberate it coming out of astericks.

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