Thinking something positive 

Thinking something positive

I am hoping for the news to have a sweeter turnaround for this situation. I am hoping for one., things to get sweeter. Now, it's as harsh as one could have. There are so many things, options in situations, but I see some kind of unorthadox in the situation . I am in, I realize what was wrong with me. My mom, and my uncle's obvious. If you spend your time reading, and etc Emotional level, little bit better, but I can't still change the world. :) I would love to find other things. Sometimes I am simple, but my life is extremely complicated. Extremely, I have no one to talk with verbally to someone that is in from anywhere.
I want to heal things that I can't quite worry about, what's there to fear, a large 10 anvil to fall on my head or wheter a little terrorist bastard to antiwoo me into a hostage situation. He can't do that he needs to cut off his beard and use it for toilet paper. And I now see fat men cutting off their beards to donate it to the corroded butt fund. That's discusting. I know, but that is payback from my pat boone sharade.Now that is a real man, maybe he can order the attire from peewee's closet. Don't open it richard might get angry, he's in the closet with tony little. I see some fat guy's laughing. I hope for laughing. Maybe orville redenbacher will go to your toga party. No partys for me home body and
very lethargic with my throut burning after coughing. I have been pooting all afternoon long. I don't know whether Ted would like it or not...I am telling you that i am a polygamous. Leave you with those scary and confound words. Luv's yas huny. Take care. Oh lady

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