The spoken word 

The spoken word

Ive heard several things over the last few months. Anyway, from aglow which is a women's group for success. Fat is stupid. I believe it, I believe we should all try to lose weight. Eventhough circumstances are awful, and certain things or personalities clash and make a very difficult back ground. I hope everyone can leaern from my personality and my parents personality. Throughout my time, I have tried to do about everything, I am so tenderhearted which makes it difficult. Sometimes I walk pace still not knowing what to do. You realize you are nothing like those within the household. Then you find out by your words that you are a wee smarter than other people.
A person scared out of their wits and tend to be blind to circumstances. When you spend all day long evaluating a situation. There's nothing you can't do with christ. A man was safe with God when he went over niagra falls in a barrel. There was nothing like Christ then on the news a few weeks back where a motivational speaker could have a new born baby at age 60.. now there is nothing this woman can do after being a psychiatrist for the last 29 years. So let's just become pumped up through Christ these days.
Everything in the past that I could recollect on I found it stupid... fat is stupid, everything that you speak of should recollect Christ, not a knawing feeling of self hatred and pity. The time now is to be more Christ life. I hope I can refect my words this week and I hope that I can find that little spirit I lost so many years ago. I find myself at moments flashes of it. And, when a man raises a child and I hope that God can intervene and become the best father in the world, if such thing could happen, I think that should be it. I would like to say thank you to all the broadcast televisions that started from the beginning and I hope seriously they will have more awareness that a woman with AUTISM is not retardation. ... People reading let us tell you. AUTISM is not retardation in some cases they call it the einstein syndrome. Enstien had autisms and very many other people out there can know, you aren't retarded you may have a small dose of autism. I needed to do this after I spoke with what I heard. EINSTIEN SYNDROME people autism.

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