enviromental issues for a flatliner 

enviromental issues for a flatliner

You may be halfway normal in a time like this and if you continue to be what would one call you?

1. Mother lecturing you at thirty with what someone needs to do with her life with her leg put up on the arm of the chair. Constant 24/7 comments both dorogatorial comments to other people. You're
really really tired of hearing racial slurs.

2. being depressed for the ideal worth, for example shower doesn't neccessarily mean anything, there is still ai different problem that you are not hitting on pulling back up...for an example memories and bad terrible situations that you cannot seem to break through on, Perhaps those recievers on the other end may hitting ground on.

3, self image I feel very low. Critic of every move i make, and stuck in a pool of discuss, and feeling that your father look in your eye and says "they don't care" Of course not if certain situations prove themselves to be true. Most of the time, a person will make a person so nervous that they mess up.

4. Resources are low. The only thing you have is a computer, empty bed along with bad springed mattress that seems a bit hurtful especially if your@&& gets nice scars on your other end..

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