Hemp Is The New Gold 

Hemp Is The New Gold

Hemp is a form of unthought of resources and if one says it can be done. I hear a bunch of baby boomers, beatniks and generation xers are smiling. It's okay everyone should see how great this is.
Move over electricity and gasoline....It's not needed for this car. I imagine some people get visually active in this sense. Ted passed this over to me, his speedos makes him feel great freedom in this car...he took big sigh when very big sigh of relief in his speedos...his fart was something sort of an melincoly moment in time to where he was freezing his buns a little bit...I am sorry to say. he got happy for a few minutes singing happy trails to you until i meet this perspiring undergarment again. Anyway with all due respect. Love this guy he don't care if I kid, and it's a smashing new way to promote this favorite car to the economy. Announcing The 1982 hempo vehicle.


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