Innoculate it 

Innoculate it

Hmmm. there are alot of things that I wouldn't want replicated and distorted. My Oh has put me in the media. Knowingly I am a talented psychologist, telepathic, enjoys corny comedy, Watched like a gorilla in heat telling it to stay positive, but in this situation, I kind of feel like a two toad sloth. I am not used to terrible humor, debt consolidation through charities .Yoe yow what in the smell can you do about it. You wish you could wake up and be a strong baby regardless of what Mr. Oh wants from me, He's made me a loser. Whaaaa! up yours New York possibly here.! Thank you again Lee Ann, Dr. Seema and Candace screaming across the yard. It's a nightmare at the moment. I want to innoculate every single bit of those bad thoughts, Eventhough mmy life is no good. I want to say HEY STEVEN!! you look great and I hope you will be okay. Can someone make money off of self replicating businesses conducted through the bbb.One shall find out when she gets her mail back and she loves her family, we are in this together but I am telling you Ms. Independant is going to feel good. Ms. Independant isn't going to feel a harsh bit of pet peeves when her brother and sister in law gets involved on the fun things so to speak. I am getting the light treatment media is making fun of my sweet little mirk while I get my eyes talking. I know some of you think i am a little like gary coleman. I am telling you she no gary coleman she is a strand of species im
otherwise known as an angel compared to the baby within. Too sensitive. I can't allow my family to stay into this harsh tuna can we are living in.
I am ready to meet you's a prayer list for you and others that would like to pray for

my father
my sisters
my brother
my nieces and nephews
joan rivers (love you)
dominican republic
everyone who has severe depression.
and your family
log cabin
black caucas
independant lobbyist
Ted Kennedy he's going to get the wedgy of his life
our troops to come back
Those that I am onto like ralph nadar
goverments in other places
the prime minister women and that one in taiwan
grand pa
fat guy
hyundai, honda, mercedes, lincoln, geely
make the economy better
play social bingo
durham hosue, wetumpka
those special people that need your love
sodam hussain and his fruit loops eating marathon on tlc
that journalist captured by al-cowarda
Osama to have a slow and painful death
let people find the full words of the bible that is better for y ou than dr. p hil
dr. phil and hair resoration products, don't scratch out loud

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