It's corny what people will put up meant to be harmless. Define harmlessness, a simple joke for the world to see how nuts I am? Well I guess that is enough of me. I just wonder why sooner so that I could have correcting them on my own the right way..honestly wondered why for pete's sake my father didnt point it out earlier. Now I am pathetic, but hopefully there will be several good things to come from in. I hope I get to see "kids grow up." It's enduring at times, alot of money is put into it, and I guess I am unravenling on it's on. Media is to cruel to the situation. I have no idea now what should happen.
My head wobbles like it's going to break into. Ha Ha Ha too sensitive, knowingly I don't still know what has hit me because I am alot better and I only want to talk to people, when i am on this medicine. I dont know how to take it. Yes things has traumatically put a damper on my life, but I realize from a few things, you just consider the course and deal express your feelings and etc. I am sorry for all of you out there for exposing poor old ted. Also I hope Allito will be doing alright.. and I am so wanting a job I feel my eyes going this house is filthy and my mom hides all the cleaning fluids... sound awkward? Truth is heaver than fiction. Just a want to see money going to good causes, and I am trying not to go th ere. I find myself going there more and it's just down right rediculous. I will continue for charity. I should have,

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