I can see right through you, don't turn away, it's positive 

I can see right through you, don't turn away, it's positive

There has been the ultimately the sweetest thing someone could to for a person without the labels. I just think you are beautiful in this situation. I support my government in doing this little thing. I just am hoping to be able to hug your necks in washington one of these days and I am hoping to meet you one of these days. People put their headlights on for me, God bless you. Some people seem to come and go theses days. I am hoping to have more happiness, and yes I am a very timid and painfully shy. IJust pray for me. I love to know if someones praying for me. You can feel it in your heart too. I support that patriot act, and I thank God you look in on my situation. As far as money is concerned. Can I ask you big boys in congress and in cabinet so to speak will please keep an eye on funding. I wouldn't want anyone in the situation with sticky self serving situations. Thank you again for all of your love...thank you classmantes, teens, old farts that love laughing at my jokes, Celebrities, especially Al Roker, Katey matt and ann. I really love to listen to you each morning and put in my input. :) I know now that I am not crazy. I would like to thank him for his play in it and that he will see to it that we can come to some commen ground "imaginary fiance" just kidding. I went to a church meeting this afternoon and coming down the road, I saw one of my supporters. I love you state of alabama and even alvin holmes whoops I shouldn't put that name down now shall we? I would really like to stop that arm thing on my chest area. I am not too much aware of it at one time, and I can't stand that borderline s tance hey please quit doing it. I was wondering why everyone started doing this, there is more support that the mind can see. I write as a release of certain feelings. Right now I have a "holy ghost" feeling the kind that warms your heart and wants you to fight for rights. IF you could hear what suzz says. Don't ever be prejudice of a person for their differences, whether you are Korean, chinese japanese or whether you are the sweetest skank wad that come out of no where. I have been trying so hard to hide . It had done me no good. He still was going to catch me regardless and they have got me now. I don't know their motives but God bless them for watching and hoping the best for me. I love second hand phone readings. My mother told me that Lee Ann at Electic Family care told me "Good Luck" thank you Lee Ann and I know that I am hoping for the best for this sweet area of alabama. I hope that delorise keith will stay with wsfa. I am sorry if i said anything out of the way. I sometimes am a joker, I can joke without cracking a smile.
I am so wanting to meet the dude on the arbies commercial? I think the jokes he pulled through was cute. DD? I guess. I wonder. You know some people with a little slight case of autism can have a normal healthy life with out the big stuff. I just feel sorry for the guy who marries me. You got a crazy mom and a protective money laundering eveil father and sister. This one is special, except for keeping the commode camera being on. He blew my mind to begin with now i am on two types of 1 counteracting anoter one.
Enough about medicine, enough about treatment, enough about everything else. I just thank you Mr. President, you have shown me tolerance as a human being, as well as sharon. I am so happy that he is getting better. Thank you for your pervasive actions and awarness. I hope that Commander and Cheif can look at fundings and taking over the everything in this situation. I hope this commemerates marriage, no abortions, no interrogating people for having a past, and tolerance of people with their religious, and creed. For rights of many people, with their different attitudes and words they speak. Everyone should have their own speach and their own mind and soul. I hope I don't go away. I want to say here to do more. My resources are low at the moment. Just this braille chip and better help

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