these dreams? 

these dreams?

I got the honor of seeing Allito being sworn in as Sandra Day O' Conner's space. I am pretty sure he's overqualified for the position. I just can't wait until the noise is in certain democratic party members. I just love seening ted kennedy's pout when things dont go right with him. He's always pouting I just don't know why. He looks like he has been constipated for about 5 years. This is just wonderings of the aimless minds so I am just kidding. What if all the chocolates tasted good and you are knowing what you are going to get.
Lately I have been finding many uses for kudzo root, I wander if we can make it as a malt liquor. Our sweet neighbors here in alabama must be severly made comfortable and at home here. :) Anyway there are several suppliers her in alabama for kias. I hope they choose our small communities in eclectic and the tallassee area. I also heard of another type of car manufactors called Geely. I hope they come in and change the job population and change some old crusty idea;s from the past and bring jobs within the area. If you go to detroit you have labor unions and etc. Here you settle down with a litle southern hospitality.
God bless those who are helping out my situation. I love you very much and no one has entered my heart for the past ten years. It's still pretty frightening for me to get out. I feel extremely self concious andd a little warmth brought to my heart. A pentulim goes back and forth, and I hope it won[t stop. Lately I have felt indifferent. My eyesight isn't too great. Maybe I can find a rigiht herb for all of my problems signing off. Love ya everyone, every single one of you neighbors, friends, car manufactors and etc. I am backsliding on my problems, but I need a little inspiration and love so I want you keep at your borderline stances, your smiles, your laughter, and your help. Thank you Lee ann from the doctor's office for your words of consideration. That meant alot to me. Love you doctor and other people.
I am hoping that These sweet people at the tallassee motor in will get a better hotel and someone could contribute to them having a better hotel. I love them and I think u should too. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring diversity to a greater community.

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