The Patriot Act 

The Patriot Act

I think that the patriot act is a very good idea in the long run. For instance. for various reasons, domestic violence, terrorism, and illegal practices and etc. I like big brother watching to a certain extent.. It makes me feel safe from things. This situation that I am's been a little harsh for a long time but I appreciate big brother with all my heart... whatelse? great and influential man. He needs to take over sandra's place for the fact that one has to fight for human life. If you ever heard the horror stories of abortion clinics? They are plumb terrible. I saw years past where babies were disposed of. It went into terrible graphic details, and I believe that there should be some form of sanctity in this situation...It's just as terrible as the dude that threw the body parts of dead people. This idiot had scattered bodies all over the place. He ran a funeral home in georgia, and I wouldn't be suprized at what things went on in the prison. Perhaps Scott Peterson can get the same red carpet treatment. I have to
symathize with those who are suffering, Ps. When I say "Red Carpet" it's that of an adverse effect. There are millions of men and women in the United States would love to th row a fist at hims. Anyway,
In Aruba, I feel that there are more witnesses than the boys.
I wonder how my friends notice the Southeast is the friendliest faces in the world, and I hope that they are doing well. Thank you for helping me through my menal crises. Btw I can't keep the arbies fellow off of my head it's just downright cute to the fullest extent of the law, to the Arbie;s guy you are so cute it hurts. You have made my day with the funny commercial you did. I can't wait to see the new releases that we made here in alabama. I can't wait until you come out with my hybrid idea. I need more counselling, and also I need a makeover . There are no law abiding laws that refuses me to consort with you. Let's all get along..... Goodnight hyundai, kia, lincolns, daewoo, honda and etc.

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