Prayer Chain 

Prayer Chain

I just completed a prayer chain on yahoogroups it's something, least as I can do. If you would like to join it's free and any denomation of religon is encouraged to join. I was very overwhelmed by some friendly people that are encouraging me. I am very greatful for those who continously praying for me. Plz pray for these things if you will pray for our troops around the world and allies who are working very hard to make Iraqis a free state. Pray faor those who are sick with winter sniffles, pray for those who have been having financial problems. Anyone who has a drug or acholic problem. There's always a good person underneath the whiskey and garbage. Pray for those law officials that are constantly fighting for our rights and pray for the late night talk shows to be a little easy on me... and please pray I will finally get it right. If you want prayer here you can just send me an email or a comment and if you would like to participate in my prayerchain you can simply go to this address
the prayerchain

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