Any iidea for torturing north koreans? 

Any iidea for torturing north koreans?

I told you about this insane plan...., anyway....north koreans are torturing a telepathic high sensory psychic virgin that seems to be getting very pissed at the moment...feel free to send this to all of your friends and to that cousin you love more than life it'self anyway...i am scared....he comes in the form of a skinny little wiener that puts me bathing on the internet with a braille chip in my's true garth, katie, ellen are sending me non-verbal cues. I am a side show freak i am telling you...i predicted auburn alabamastate, i proclaim great things for your hair, health body and etc. etc. etc.....i am sorry for this maybe tallassee police department will send me that beautiful stripper to save me from my madness..anyway. I am selling a painting on ebay tommorrow called indian rickshaw's starting at 5.00..... and don't forget those health products they are very good indian coffee, magazines of all sorts, and etc. please buy all proceeds go to therapy that is much needed.... psycho needs your health and help...btw myer's vision came on the toilet i am not healthy but i saw a window, and a flag of texas next day...bush myers...hello please today.......

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