What in the world do we want out of life? What do we believe about life? Simple, we go by a code of ethics, please at least some of us hopefully, the rest of us roam freely and do what the hell they please. That's what some might do. Where does God place us and how do we deal with slight annoyancess throughout the day, how do we deal with criticism? We are only human and we deal the way a human being would deal with it. Is it okay for big brother to watch? Of course, we have our blunders or blinders, does that make us a bad person? No I say! Some of us might be thought to be some of Satan's happy little flying monkeys ready to give a wedgy to the next guy that wears his tie to the side or wearing pink. My Desktop is pink, I better look behind there's probably one ready to tear my last pair and they are old .

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