Okay I am trying creatively to get things off my mind, I throw it away with shut up and get the behind me. Sounds pretty spastic doesn't it. Well I must be spastic too. I love you all, you know that i am that woman that's on the olympics, she goes with you on your cell phone. I imagine you are saying, what a retard. I am adjacent, but I think i agree with you to a certain extent, and I take responsibility for my mistakes and misguided words, even if they agree, takes guts for a hardheaded person stuck in her ways. I am hoping just for the moment, my friend seijong please, please give me a piece of the pie. I am in fact the star of the show. It would be so wrong, if you ditched me with nothing, I pray God honestly, I have been praying for people in my community, I deeply thank each and everyone of you with prayers. Something isn't right with a few things, maybe it that little bug......:) Anyway I feel hot inside, not like nasty but like I got a fever. Love you very much folk. I saw a pic on google. anyway,
I hope Dick's friend gets better, I hope people in my community will do better. I love you sherrie, keith and kids.
Please for all my fans out there that are very good to me, they wave at me on the morning programs and miss my ten cent thoughts on politics, and I pray that I can get out of being so gosh darned scared knowingly that it is inferior. I am a woman with thoughts of wanting to succeed more. I want to write a children's book, I want to be a good will ambassator because of the fact that I am autistic and want to see piece, I want to get out of dust and scum. I am wanting to spend my life right, and a little noise here and there. I haven't done it for awhile now, but I speak a little bit in tongues. I have been doing that a little today. I wish I had a whole day away from this just to get a taste of a house on the lake, fixed complete with hemmingway collection pieces, and I want it all. My life isn't of one that I want to live, I have so much I need to give, and I love you all.

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