The South in fall 

The South in fall

Have yall living in alabama noticed all of the beautiful colorful trees outside? We have more sasafrass trees around our house, whew! they are beautiful. They are like a flouresant orange and golden color. Then there are the dogwoods that are like a deep purple with the little red berries in bettween the leaves. Pretty Pretty, pretty.
Awww is all i have to say about thanksgiving. Is it so thankful? Gaining 2 pounds is all that i don't want to claim thanks too. :) I haven't gained any weight and plan not on gainings weight. If you know what i mean. I am going to eat child sized portions that way I won't be gaining any weight. I will leave all the rest of the vittles for z rest of my family members. Let them fight over the fattening things. LOL
Have you noticed all of the annoying law office commericals on television? I can't believe that it's gotten down to the point to where people are trying to make their living off of suing people. Whether they deserve it or not. I would expect differently from someone in maybe one part of the state but this is supposed to be the bible belt and people just don't do things like this here. So I thought. I guess times change and the green eyed monster has grown larger. I am hoping judges will get smarter than the clients and their sharks.

(notice the words in this blog is southern slang and the writer is aware of it)

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