Free Gas 

Free Gas

I don't know what has got into me, I am belching up an eggy taste and massively passing gas. It's irritating and embarrassing. Would'nt just be a cracker if I was on television doing this, great to know that I am not. Everyone has their problems, emotional level, does that mean that the patch of hives i have downloaded on the internet. What else is aggrevatingly for chest pains while I breath, and when I go to sleep at night and wishing this bodily ping pong would get off my last nerves, I was laughing at it. It's totally embarrasing. I say cute things to throw it off course, it's still there and I want it gone, and I hold no position to get this oprah thing off of my mind. I thought it was wrong. I am hoping it was just some recreation of footage instead of the real thing, even it were the missing grape, I wouldn't put it past the media making or recreating the field and the mountains. Little teeny weeny tied off, but will live.. Anyway, that's not scaring this multifunctional retard... I will slowly get over it.
I am ready to get married, eventhough I am afraid of him,....not...I just don't know which one is which is it? I don't know, blurry eyesight, have to bend my head down in order to share my thoughts with you. Maybe I can tommorrow get some advice on having a happy long life. I keep hearing excerpts, but I think i will be okay, that retarded red head...:) okay I feel great. I think at this moment I am those economically safe vechiles, well my exaust pipe just dont want to go, you know what I mean.
Anyway, If those of you who pray please listen up pray for these too. I cannot fathom how many need to be prayed for..just make it a global prayer where everyone can have a blessing. sometimes I miss what blessings are, blessings are least noticed in everyday life, I believe everyone gets more than enough everyday like camera's swinging in a bush speech, or seeing howard dean the guy who wanted democrats to go after the big guys and their pick up trucks. He wants to forget, because he is a
smart big wig over there.
Anyway about free gas come to tallassee, alabama and hook your gas spouts to me. Btw, I think it's safer than ethonal and hydrogen vehicles, just get a little sun in your eyes. Thank you Tallassee, Alabama and for the governor, these cool cats, and for immediate family, My sister in law has come up with a ministry for well as the world with their bids. If you want to know we are bewitched and some other ones are ready for their white diamonds. :) Take care and have a nice day, night, flight and etc. Don't forget to pray or tell someone you love them, time is to precious to cry over spilled milk.
If you do cry over the spilled milk, the God is going to see to it that a cat will clean it up. :)


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