what about? I thought I just forgot. 

what about? I thought I just forgot.

Anyway, there's alot of things that are going on. I am not going to worry about something that is pervasively nothing to worry about. I am going todo what ever it is. I am so tired lately so tired, but no matter what you see, if your life passes you by things will get to you if you think you are inferior. No one is inferior over their situation. A person should be as they are, she's extremely sweet, but she wants peace all over the world. I want iraq to have their own government and quit letting the enemies win. Btw troops, thank you for trying to create a peaceful. place of this world. thank you british, s korea, austrailia
japan, and those other troops that have come into effect. Thank you people work to keep us safe 24 hours a day. I am tired of tears, I hope I am finally going to have that life that I always wanted with out negative feelings. Oprah I love your show, i am sorry for the inner conflict thing.
Thank you Ellen for laughing with me and not at the situation, humor is definitely going to get me through this, laughing is a medicine of champions. Thanks. I know something is going on now. I aw someone driving my O's car, but it wasn't him. Thank you
All my life i have kept a wonderful charactor and have an excellent reputation. It's not necessarily right to be shown in her watching the osama idiot to be pointing to his nose and his mouth. Anyway, painful thought....your thank you madaams for rubberbands they sure makes packages feel all warm and toasty tight pendulum no not swinging but losing circulations slowly, with your hands back behind your eh him balls, to the point to that yesmam will be oh no, i have them no more with samantha bobbet is going to gauding you to the point to where you will be a good boy with your eunich self. So how to you perceive that senior.
Then money laundering when I asked for charities, I want starving and unhealthy people be nourished and treated with respect and dignity. I would like to have my spotlight now. I know everything comes with a price. She wasn't aware she had a brand on her, she does love this man very dearly. Both of them are great people, so I would never regret a situation, there should be a little cleansing of the crowd.
There are funny things that are humour us, but not terrorists making you feel uncomfortable. I want to seriously help all both banks. But you got to look through all the policy to be able to see things through. One white lady looks in her religion and her thoughts and views on the world. No one deserves to be hungry, and another is Samantha getting in what she knows of and taking out what pollutes. Church is not a mask of stinkiness that seems to flow throughout the world. Thank you natives for your smiles and your arms. God bless you and you families. Another thing cues are good. Some are not and hate is not one of them. I get a kick off the broke back mountain sequence, and marriage. I wish you happiness all of you in this joking, and I know you don't mind me kidding in my scary time of frustraition and etc. BTW keep close eye on me and pray...anyway I got you all in my heart and wish you the best and maybe we can get rid of bad reps, bad ideas. Dear Lord, deliver us of our sins, we thank you for all you have done for us and Lord help us to be the best people we can be. This is my prayer to you. God bless you and stay well this in this season keep warm all of you in apartments and big cities, take your zinc and vitamin C. Colds are easy to get over, and elderly people and caregivers, make sure you go to the doctor for your flu shots. Caregiver make sure they get their medicine on time, and if your patients are having bad coughs, and etc take them to the doctor yourself. If they have medicine give it to them with each meal, if they are complaining about it. Then, I want you to take them to the doctor too. Take care and God bless you all. For a kid in his thirties, you have been wanting a job, and guess what it's yours if you are presentable, keep flexable hours and etc. I just need to meet Shirley Mclaine. bbye, God loves you and i do too.

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