This sunday 

This sunday

I went to an evening service this afternoon, the people are extremely sweet and really made me feel comfortable. I hopea that other churchs could walk in these footsteps of these people. I have made so many people laugh over the mumbo jumbo I come up with heart sweat and tears through out the whole the year. I just am glad it happened fortunately. I am tired of feeling alone and unworthy because sometimes over stupid comments. I thought of something yesterday. When our mouths open we should be aware that when we talk to people, how we treat people, and how we delight in the mere moment that if we are to be like Christ, we should watch out mouths. actions and motives to see if they are please the Lord then it is great, if not we should change our attitudes and turning more to him despite of jack doe said whatever. Focus on yourselves, check your motives and etc.
Maybe we aren't christians, or in a difference of religions. Most of the time, you should still watch motives such as your words, actions, and will. If it doesn't reflect what your mannerisms then you don't need it. I am in a world wide situation. I don't want to go into details. But don't let anyone get you down
besides what someone says, Usually someone else has another agenda. Perhaps we can squeeze another cup of joe out of him. Perhaps joe isn't so much of a christian and hangs around with spiritually ungodly people who don't exactly have the gumption to cross anyone. That person is the legion that just won't heal. In order to heal, watch your words, your motives, what you teach to your children and why we won't to do t things to other people.
I lived this several months, I have tried so much to be pleasing to others, but any other idiot across the road. To thine self be to other people. To thine self, I don't have to put up with ignorance or deception
If you want to charities in someone's name, it should be God's liking and God's liking should be in the situation. I have been told that some people don't give a care about the person they show on the internet. To the one who is doing this. sweety there is a brain malfunction of who is in it. We have a wide range if things we can do. Either you are a brown noser or perhaps a greasy and undenyable underhanded, coward who doesn't go along with the same territory that a good one does, she may be a little debilitation, but not much as the eye can see

Thank you Lord for the situation and thank you for the honest ones that are taking part in the venture for unselfish reasons. I pray to God that these people whose got right ideas in mind to be blessed, but those who want more, the more you get the more greedy you become so. I hope greed isn't a issue

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