Setting things scrait 

Setting things scrait

We all tend to slip the tongue. I love the way people talk in general. For instant people talk anyway they want. It's just sad for a borderline to correct english and grammar. I hope now to hear others with slight disability to do the same thing. I hope to be looking forward to a long healthy life without anymore withdrawals. I tind to do it when I don't want to...It goes through my mind and sets like Aunt Bettie's whole wheat banana bread sticks to your mouth sides. Imagine staying in the same place for thirty years and now realize you are an icon, a piece of history for a korean friend placing a chip in your ear...yeah yeah yeah,,,I know. I know how i am acting, and certain things naturally don't agree with me, but I pray, that something good comes from the situation. I know it's not my time to go yet, and I thank God in heaven for life to bestowed into me.
I heard once that cleanliness is next to Godliness, yes in circumstances, in agitation and anything will cry out for mercy. Seeing the President and Alito sending non verbal cues to me, I feel that there might be a chance to have something. Fighting with myself and occasional crying.....etc. Makes one feel proud that the preacher believes in you and that's a great feeling. I am hoping to have some self worth. I can't stay hidden for the rest of my life. I just want to wake up one day and everyone will be there for me.
Anyway in the art of the matter I think it is excellent that someone actually give , but I want truth in this situation. I want truth..Is there something on my cat scan or not. I want to be able to see and reflect on what to do next... I feel that some of my eyesight leaving me partially has some disfunctions,
For instance, I can for say a few things...It's not my time to go, but to fly like a bird out of this situation or into it....I need love most of all. I thank him for that position he has put me in Thank you God for your goodness and for the things I have done in my life. I pick alot at the press, but the press doesn't like me 24/7.
I want terribly that independance even if it is kept this way. I pray that money will not be put into other people's pocket books, meaning for their own personal needs. I respect the fact that my korean frienda are doing something in the situation and every little push for effort tends to make the brick and mortar. How do you deal with that terrible? Easily smile and be nice to people regardless of what they are doing and no one in history can change the outcome of a dna make up.
Okay billions of dollars came into the state today and Riley is rationing them very wisely. I can not stand a person who burns money like holes in the pocket and then expect more. It's an honest thought. Anyway, be honest if you are dealing with money. Money is a very important part of government and money is what turns siblings against one another, and money can do so much for an individual who wanted to give of herself for so long she can't forget. I thank Riley for giving it to education...
If someone promised you the world, gave it to you in an unconventional kind of way, what would you do. I would try my best not to use that money except for what she does in a humble manner in a austere setting, while she cries away, knowing her medicine is causing her to gag with mucus killing her, and not knowing what to tell her friend... Sister comes up with this idea, and trying to crockidle the situation with sister's life being viewed as pitiful. Someone who gave of herself. The situation is horrendous. I rather someone with sense take hold of this project and take that one out of it. These are supposed to be for more needy people, and if you have children, you should be home with them, not laughing at your poor sister living in disquist, coughing gagging, trying not to put up too many scenes. for the sake of some little dignity. While your uncle wants a way to take a bath and the water in your house is too cold, while your mom beckons with you to do something about your life and trying to make a difference in your family, but it's ridiculous. I have always tried to keep the peace, and always analysing myself to see if I am the problem, always taking that into action, but knowingly other excuses
my mom trying to clean house, my father gives away without taking away from the wooden planks for bare necessitites. All the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn't place her family together again.

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