Eat at Arby's 

Eat at Arby's

Today woke up barely late, I watched the today show for a little while, while I ate my breakfast, It's okay if the patriot act comes knocking on my front door seven years prior. If push comes to shove. My sweet fiance will have to worry about making an intertube to float back to his place. :) only kidding...Homeland Security is on my side yes it is.
Anyway today, I realize that there are some things that I can do in power. Such as the roads in alabama. Country roads are just as important as those major roads and in Eclectic pot holes and dips are all over the place. I used to kid myself that lights go off at 5:00, I love eclectic and my home, I wouldn't have it any other way. I realize that we are all children of God no matter what age we are. I have had several theories of this conspiracy. What I wrote into my letters, and letters I have had back from that friend I met so long ago. I remember one thing he said he done years ago. I've been told he keeps his picture with him of me, and years ago when he was expressing in his letter was he showed my picture while he was travelling and etc. Anyway I thought and realized how sweet it was.
I helped sorting clothes at the big methodist church in Eclectic today. It was very nice, I am trying to help myself knowing autism is hard to break free some, and I am getting a great deal of help along the way. My recognition as a human being just seems to be so wonderful, the media is helping me to do very well. It's very encouraging as well as annoying as well. I want people to be who they are and quit the borderline stuff. It's amazing how you could be blessed about someone donating these children's baby clothes and clothes for both girls and boys. Theres still alot to do there. The clothing goes to the "Durham House" in Montgomery. Children of incarsaration. These childen are very beautiful and you just have to help. There are other places in montgomery that need help like the Sunshine Center for beaten and abused children, Catholic Social services,
Red Cross, The Salvation Army...list goes on. I would love it if companies that are fortune 500's could help these people. Since the Auto Manufactoring companies that have come to Alabama, there has been so much economic richness and getting to know these german, korean, and Japanese companies...It's wonderful!
Now, to come on with a little joking for those soldiers that I dearly love . Love you in Iraq and other places. Kick insurgents where it hurts or better yet....take what comes out of this chip and broadcast it, while one listens to an auction, and let the members over the torture use nonverbal communication skills to make a non threatening way to get information out of those who are baathists and those other bozos who think they can go to paradise. I am telling you one thing through honesty and goodness, true Islam teaches, some of the old testiment, it teaches tolerance, and agape. I never heard of weiners in this field that kills to go to another plane. I respect true muslims. Not these that make their own feta cheese only to leave out of the corner and make it smell like pure t shmit. To those Iraqis that don't apply to this, I love you very much and want to see you in asweet place to live. I also pray for those in turkey. I hope both of you will be blessed by God and protected.
I like joking, but theres these phrases that I can't seem to get out of my head, I have strept verbal syndrome right now. My eyes are sensitive to light and I had to turn my eyes off of the computer off my eyes so I can see. I am doing this at a distance from keyboard into my lap. Could my eyes be getting better? I hope.
I get so tired with this medicine that has been prescribed to me. My eyes, and I just feel so tired and bummed out just by trying to do something. I think media is spectacular. Especially Mariah Carey, Brooks and Dunn,
Green Day, Stern, Ellen, Tony Danza. Despite all of these people I have to say that Bush, Ellito and Snoad with his handsome self. Where did I step off the boat last....ah jokes and catch phrases, no evil retard, Developmentally Dispense . ... I have had a long line of support through positive self talk. Encouragement could come from "Bending it like Becca", "Broke Back Mountain." I think also Tom's views of psychiatry. Nah What is used for the goose, is not always good for the gander.
I have made people laugh night and day, I hope my cat scan came out alreada and I won't have to stuff myself with french fries. (checkers fries are the best) anyway. I am still stuck.....Avon sales this afternoon is what I have been trying to do. What's the use when thousands of people see me world wide, I can wave to them. I can blow kisses and do those butterfly kisses. but I htink sense I have been contaminated with the flu of the worst kind, I can just do butterflies. I wish I could be there in new york with you today people, but it's just not happening yet. My sweet husband
In closing I want you to pray for these things. Durham house in montgomery, areas in tallassee alabama, missing people on the news and for those who are sick with diseases, substance abuse within these appalatchian places whoneed prayer eastern countries dealing with terrorism and poverty

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Comment I forgot to tell you about the cutest commercial about a delayed man on an arby's commercial. Anyway it's really cute....and scary at the same time. Anyway, I think that there should be funding for folk like this and the performing arts, and I realize now, even though I have no assets, in clear range...I pray that it can step forward instead of backwards. I am undergoing a slight setback on my weight. and hoping that things can run through rapidly. Thank you....

Mon Jan 9, 2006 9:15 pm MST by Samantha Taylor

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