read it it rarely rarely funny. 

read it it rarely rarely funny.

After years of trauma, therapy through uncoventional wisdom, I have found a set of lovely people and these great people that I have known all my life and those who have made me a part of their life. Anyway sounds great doesnt it. I know with the things that I have it's unusual. Love you troops in Iraq. When am I going to see some of my affiliates doing well? I am thinking about investing 69 cent that going toward a 7up plus. I know I may think they are nasty, but theres another soft drink that I have to have guess what it is"? I haven't seen one in years my father said he saw some at a certain othergrocery store. I don't know whether you can drink it with schizophrenic medicine, omega3 fish oil and antibiotics, ,muscinex and allergy medicine from the doctor. I take these medications (resperdone and cogention) Then those other come and go as we speak. Thank you ms. Seema for helping me out . I feel so much better. I have found humor in an induring situation and I hope that some of these great people can come into my small community and make things happen. I think he needs to gel his hair down see I am watching you. That's reassuring isn't it.
I am going to church with some wonderful people, and I hope to come adjusted in it. I have outeached my borders.Anyway there are certain medications I am taking, some include omega3 fish oil which is supposed to lower cholesterol, and get this, i am taking medicine to regulate my nerves Yes that is right.....these two are schizo medicine which help nerve regulations, please please Lord, don't let me end up thinking i am nepolian....he's been dead you years. I have taken up several catch phrases in the last few day. They are very encouraging. "Bend it like becca" and "bosley corn rows" BTW I love you snoad...yes you big hunk of man. I can't believe we shared our passing faces and may I be ever mocked. I had to root for the east side since I live here. I love you all army football players, and auburn. :} anyway My sister is the biggest alabama fan in the world, you know what makes it fun? Auburn actually won this.
I want everyone to wake up in the morning with a smile on their faces and spend all day for bending it like becca. Snoad thank you and I love what you are doing.
Did you know if there is something for ted, he's very lonely in the world....let's find him a pervasive chick his age, then he will laugh his head off. Please pray for our gov, our churches, our homelives and our work place. And let creatines finally be rid of this overgrown child who loves everyone goodnight

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