Polygamy is it right? 

Polygamy is it right?

Just the other day I was thinking to myself, my God hmmm... oh gee george...thank you btw for giving me that pervasive look...nah. I have hoped for so many things one thing I hope most in this world is to get the hell out of dodge, but the fan keep coming back wanting more...don't forget to buy your micronized creatine, your hair and body shampoo, your etc. etc. etc. as John would say.....he took that one from wiford grimley..thats all i could come up with at the moment singing about al in the shower is what made him not show up on the today's show this morning. I am sorry AL for my derogatory...i am plum awful. i am getting that way. Paul and Jan I am doing this for charity, I have really watched you for years and want you to please contribute...pat robertson learn a little bit about public relations..it would be nice...don't forget dont forget publicity is a powerful thing it doesn't neccessarily reflects the views of things...i just want you to know that all though that i love Jesus Christ as my personal savior...I do think that God loves any and everyone even if you are creatine, and I hope some good comes out of the situation. I really do and I hope that the tuna can is opened and i am reliquished of my spare me and give me my fame and wedding... the wedding of my dreams...by the way everyone reading, please don't forget to give of yourself this holiday season and don't get to be a jackass on xm that just knows he loves me...he pulled out of .....and into or maybe it's just both thank you howard for your comments on how long is it.....long pause i am plum awful yeah i know don't forget to put that l on your forehead. don't forget to smile and don't ever give up on whatever it is you want to do in life, when you are in media spotlight, people can do things to you...people plan things for years and when they come out of the closet and make you look like a moron, make you look sooo freakin terrible, don't forget to take your micronized creatine on sale at http://www.ezinfocenter.com/8595840 and leno thank you very much for showing my nasty ass on television, but when i am i going to be rescued of being a fat as telepathic retard. I love you all please don't let me freeze my bunnz off in peckerwood alabama...it's too long too late
these are the people that i want to sponser me, glaxosmithcline..no thank you too much damage, but please preventative medicine and psychiatric treatment, i want t he federal government look into more alternative ways to help yourself and I want more technology in schools, in the war on terrorism, and log cabin to give up to Jesus christ or be liberal as you want to be as long as you know what i am saying....not that judgemental...love you very much people everyone....don't look at me as borderline because i am going to be beautiful, and plz i need you oh, i need you...bye

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